Louver house

Louver house

The design team was focused on having the kind of interior which fits into the conventional lifestyle of the Gujarati Patel family and their values. The flair of ethnicity was given to each part of the residence. Designers have not allowed hardcore contemporary elements to rule the spaces. The selection of each material has been specific matching the test and concept.

In the small category residences, the five-unit cluster (1 combined unit) is pact with clients’ requirements. The clear straight-line architecture with environmental considerations, Providing cavity walls on the southern 7 eastern parts of the buildings

The exterior finishes are subtle and contemporary with an exposed r.c.c beam grid at a defined level. Spaces are kept free with the minimalistic concept of furniture. The other exposed r.c.c members have been placed at critical locations for weather protection purposes and to get the balance between subtle plain elements and plaster.

Interior spaces have been kept contemporary and minimalistic in volume. Interior has been worked keeping in mind a joined Indian family.

Client: Bharat Patel, Kaushik Patel, Raju Patel, Kalpesh Patel, Ahmedabad.
Type: Residential
Scope: Conceptualisation, design development & synthesis (architecture, interior, landscape)
Area: 1200 smt.
Location: Ranip, Ahmedabad
Status: Completed


The studio has a comprehensive approach, much attention is paid to use the beauty of aging materials and environment friendly techniques. The design approach is sustainable. Design teams conceptualize the Project and work in synergy with engineers, consultants, vendors andartisans.